Tex e il signore degli abissi

  • Director:

    Duccio Tessari
  • Screenplay:

    Antonello Geleng, Walter Patriarca
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Production:

    Cinematex, Titanus
  • Year:



Giuliano Gemma
William Berger
Carlo Mucari
Flavio Bucci
Isabel Russinova
Peter Berling
Aldo Sambrell
José Luis de Vilallonga
Riccardo Petrazzi
Pietro Torrisi
Charly Bravo
Hugo Blanco
Frank Braña
Ricardo Palacios
Giovanni L. Bonelli


Tex Willer is a famous comic book character created in Italy in 1948 and has become one of the country's most iconic and enduring characters.

The first attempts to adapt the Tex comic series to film date back to the late 1960s. Among them, Sergio Bonelli was working on a film adaptation with Charlton Heston as Tex and Jack Palance considered for the role of Kit. Bonelli contacted directors Tonino Valerii and Enzo G. Castellari to start negotiations. Valerii recalled that he had been contacted by Gianluigi Bonelli in the early 1970s. Although Valerii liked the idea, he discovered that Bonelli wanted a film in which he would personally supervise the costumes and modify the plot to his liking, which eventually scuppered the project.

In the 1980s, Duccio Tessari took over the project, initially conceived as a pilot episode for a television series produced by RAI. For the role of Tex, actor Giuliano Gemma was chosen, who had already worked with Tessari in various films, including "Una pistola per Ringo," "Arrivano i titani," "Kiss Kiss... Bang Bang," and "The Bastards." The director and screenwriters focused on three Tex comic book stories with fantasy elements. These stories were "El Morisco," "Sierra Encantada," and "Lord of the Abyss," all written by Bonelli and drawn by Guglielmo Letteri.

Filming of the film took place between May and June 1985 in Italy and Spain.

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