Caccia alle mosche

  • Director:

    Angelo Longoni
  • Screenplay:

    Angelo Longoni, Giorgio Arlorio
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Year:



Giulia Fossà
Massimo Venturiello
Massimo Popolizio
Bruno Armando
Richard Sammel
Sebastiano Filocamo
Cesare Capitani


Due to various crimes committed in the past, Rocco is forced to live a life as a fugitive to escape the police. During this difficult period, he finds refuge and support in Anna, his lifeline, who offers him protection in her home. The relationship between Rocco and Anna is characterised by a mixture of passion, jealousy, fear and impatience, the result of a tumultuous life.

However, their complicated existence is further complicated by the arrival of Daniele, a young actor who falls madly in love with Anna. In time, Daniele discovers the relationship between Anna and Rocco, generating further tensions.

Meanwhile, due to a series of misunderstandings, the serial killer Max, who, following Daniele, discovers the relationship between Anna and Rocco, enters their already complicated situation. This relationship is destined to come to an inevitable end because of the affair between Anna and the young actor.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Anna and Daniele will also be dragged into the same situation of captivity and escape experienced by Anna in her previous love affair, further complicating the couple's life.

Locandine & foto riprese

Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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