Tipi da spiaggia

  • Director:

    Mario Mattoli
  • Screenplay:

    Castellano e Pipolo
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Production:

    Manenti Film
  • Year:



Ugo Tognazzi
Christiane Martel
Johnny Dorelli
Lauretta Masiero
Edy Vessel
Liana Orfei
Giustino Durano
Luciano Salce
Annie Gorassini
Fredo Pistoni
Cesare Polacco
Gino Buzzanca
Lars Bloch
Nietta Zocchi
Gianni Minervini
Armando BandinivTotò Mignone
Peppino De Martino
Linda Moretti


Four Italian comrades, known as Nick, Giorgio, Merigo and Pasubio, are dedicated to the art of theatre and decide to spend the summer in Taormina to stage a series of shows. However, their main goal is not just to entertain the audience. Their director has invested a considerable amount of money in organising this and in order to recoup his investment and earn further profits, he has decided that one of the four must try to win and marry Barbara Patton.

Barbara is a billionaire who spends her holidays in Sicily every year, so Giorgio, Nick and the others set to work. But they had not planned for the employees of a beauty salon in Taormina. Barbara has declared that she will close all her properties if she gets married, and these women head to the ancient Greek city to prevent the wedding.

Meanwhile, the four friends try in every possible way to win Barbara over. Pasubio is disguised many times, playing the role of count, baron and sports racer, but Barbara seems not to care and eventually marries a Protestant pastor. However, the four theatre actors do not give up. Unexpectedly, Pasubio, in the guise of one of his various characters, enters a competition and wins a million euros. So they can return to Rome with the other three, together with their girlfriends.

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Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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