Per pochi dollari ancora

  • Director:

    Calvin J. Padget
  • Screenplay:

    Augusto Finocchi, Massimiliano Capriccioli, Sandro Continenza, Remigio Del Grosso, Leonardo Martin, Gilles Demoulin
  • Music:

    Ennio Morricone, Gianni Ferrio
  • Production:

    Fida Cinematografica
  • Year:



Giuliano Gemma
Dan Vadis
José Calvo
Ángel del Pozo
Sophie Daumier
Jacques Sernas
Andrea Bosic
Red Carter
Benny Reeves
Molino Rojo
Lorenzo Robledo
Jacques HerlinvMen Fury
José Manuel Martín
Rick Piper
Antonio Orengo
John Matheus
Robert Alexander
Claude Hill
William Spolletin
Alberto Cevenini
Jacques Stany
Peter Cabot


After the conclusion of the American War of Secession, while Confederate prisoners remain in the hands of the Unionists, some die-hard Southerners refuse to accept General Robert Edward Lee's surrender and join outlaw bands to continue their fight. One of these men is captured and sentenced to death, but is granted a pardon when it is discovered that he is privy to extremely secret information, information that only a few senior Northern officers were allowed to know. The man does not know how his boss obtained this information, but it emerges from his account that the 800 or so men in the gang were deceived: Fort Yuma and its treasure are no easy prey, and an assault on the fort would only lead to needless slaughter. To avoid an unnecessary massacre, an officer instructs two NCOs to deliver a message to the commander of Fort Yuma to inform him of the situation. Meanwhile, another cunning ex-confederate named Gary Hammond is freed with the assignment to investigate and find out who the mole is who provided such secret information.

Locandine & foto riprese

Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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