Quattro moschettieri, (I)

  • Director:

    Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
  • Screenplay:

    Bruno Corbucci e Giovanni Grimaldi
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Year:



Aldo Fabrizi
Erminio Macario
Nino Taranto
Carlo Croccolo
Peppino De Filippo
Carla Marlier
Béatrice Altariba
Lisa Gastoni
Alberto Bonucci
Francesco Mulè
Andrea Aureli
Franco Ressel
Nino Terzo
John Francis Lane
Nando Poggi
Betto Di Paolo
Georges Rivière
Anna Campori
Milena Vukotic


In Richelieu's France, the innkeeper Bouboule and three of his companions take the place of the four musketeers during their mission to recover the necklace of the Queen of France.

Captured on charges of heresy and then freed by their friend Lapin, they find themselves in the Queen's room and, feigning respect and emotion, return the necklace they would otherwise have stolen. Richelieu's plan to harm the French sovereign fails when he meets the four fake musketeers, who are now disguised as nuns. During the kiss of the hand and the request for a blessing, they manage to snatch the rings from the cardinal.

In the final scene, the four escape while the real musketeers express their gratitude for the help received.

Locandine & foto riprese


Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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