Due colonnelli (I)

  • Director:

  • Screenplay:

    Giovanni Grimaldi, Bruno Corbucci
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Production:

  • Year:



Walter Pidgeon
Nino Taranto
Giorgio Bixio
Gino Buzzanca
Nino Terzo
Toni Ucci
Roland von Bartrop
Scilla Gabel
Adriana Facchetti
Andrea Scotti
Giancarlo Maestri
Gérard Herter
John Francis Lane
Mimmo Poli
Luciano Bonanni
Renato Turi


This plot seems to describe a story set during World War II, in Italy occupied by British and German troops. Colonels Henderson and Di Maggio are the main protagonists, and the plot follows the events that occur when control of Montegreco, a village on the border between Greece and Albania, changes hands between British and Italian forces.

The two colonels, initially separated by different sides, end up sharing a friendship after both are taken prisoner by the other side. They discover that the woman they were both involved with, Iris, is hiding her husband in a hut in the floor and had never had a sexual relationship with either of them.

After a moment of drunkenness and sharing, Henderson manages to save Di Maggio from the angry mob of local villagers, who wanted to lynch him for his conduct during previous occupations. However, Di Maggio is sentenced to death by a German court martial for insubordination when he refuses to bombard the village, including women, children and the elderly, to flush out the British.

During the trial, Di Maggio openly manifests his contempt for the Germans and is sentenced to death. At the last moment, when he is about to be shot, 8 September arrives, the day of the armistice between Italy and Britain. The British intervene to save Di Maggio and his men. Now, with Italy and Britain allied, the two colonels can continue the war as friends and allies.

This plot seems to be a story of friendship that develops under difficult circumstances during the war, with a major turning point due to the armistice and the change of sides.

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Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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