Susanna... ed i suoi dolci vizi alla corte del re

  • Director:

    Franz Antel
  • Screenplay:

    Günter Ebert, Kurt Nachmann, Vittoria Vigorelli
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Year:



Teri Tordai
Rose Marie Lindt
Femi Benussi
Carlo Delle Piane
Judith Dornys
Reza Fazeli
Edwige Fenech
Daniela Giordano
Jacques Herlinv
Harald Leipnitz
Georg Maday
Pascale Petit
Gustav Knuth
Rolf Wolter
Heinrich Schweiger
Hannelore Auer
Erich PadalewskivFranz Muxeneder
Annamária Szilvássy
Bela Ernyey
Eva Vadnay: Babuschka
László Bánhidi
Ferencz Farkas
Jeffrey Hunter
Anke Syring
Guido von Salis


We are in France under Napoleon. A governor tries to undermine Susanna, a young actress who tries hard to escape him. In order to obtain an audience with the emperor and the governor's removal, Susanna devises a cunning plan: she makes the other actresses in her company undress, attracting the emperor's attention and putting the governor in a bad light.


Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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