Chi si ferma è perduto

  • Director:

    Sergio Corbucci
  • Screenplay:

    Bruno Corbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi, Mario Guerra, Luciano Martino, Dino De Palma
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Production:

  • Year:



Peppino De Filippo
Luigi De Filippo
Aroldo Tieri
Alberto Lionello
Alberto Talegalli
Angela Portaluri
Mario Castellani
Lia Zoppelli
Jacqueline Pierreux
Luigi Pavese
Anna Campori
Pietro De Vico
Renzo Palmer
Peppino De Martino
Marisa Traversi
Enzo Petito
Sergio Corbucci
Solvejg D'Assunta
Vittorio Vaser
Gino Scott
Nando Angelini


Accountant Antonio Guardalavecchia and commercial expert Giuseppe Colabona work at the Naples branch of Pasquetti, a transport company. Their boss, Cesare Santoro, is known to be very strict and does not tolerate unprofessional behaviour. The two employees, Colabona and Guardalavecchia, often receive reprimands from Santoro, who threatens to transfer them to Sardinia as punishment.

However, after Santoro's sudden death, Colabona and Guardalavecchia return to the office and start fighting over the vacant boss's position. They are informed by Napoleon, the palace usher, that Santoro had written detailed reports on each of the employees and that an inspector general of transport, M. Rossi, is about to arrive in Naples to decide who will take Santoro's place.

The two employees decide to take action to try to get Inspector Rossi's attention. Colabona decides to welcome Rossi at the station with a bouquet of flowers, while Guardalavecchia organises a plan to make him believe he has been the victim of an assault and thus gain his admiration.

However, on the same train as Inspector Rossi, there is also another 'M. Rossi', Mario Rossi, a school inspector unaware of the situation. Guardalavecchia and his accomplice put their plan against Mario Rossi into action. Meanwhile, Colabona welcomes the real transport inspector.

Upon arrival at Guardalavecchia's house, Mario Rossi meets the accountant's wife, Italia, and falls in love with their daughter, Iole, an elementary school teacher. The next day, Inspector Matteo Rossi arrives at the office, but Guardalavecchia, unaware of his identity, treats him unkindly. After finding out who the inspector is, Guardalavecchia tries to make up for his negative first impression, but ends up sending Mario Rossi away with a scene.

Subsequently, Guardalavecchia tries to discredit Colabona in the eyes of Matteo Rossi, but the strategy proves counterproductive. Colabona, in turn, has Guardalavecchia ridiculed in front of a client with hearing problems. Tensions between the two grow, and Rossi admonishes them for their disloyal actions.

At a reception for the 50th anniversary of the Neapolitan branch of the Pasquetti company, Rossi reunites with Colabona's wife Teresa, with whom he had a love affair in the past. Meanwhile, Guardalavecchia starts courting the sister of President Pasquetti to try to improve his position.

Things become even more complicated when various characters, including Mario Rossi and Iole, find themselves in a dubious hotel called Villa Lolita. Eventually, due to the chaos that ensues, President Pasquetti decides to transfer Colabona and Guardalavecchia to Sardinia.

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Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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