Vacanze alla Baia d'Argento

  • Director:

    Filippo Walter Ratti
  • Music:

    ianni Ferrio
  • Production:

    Manenti Film - Fonit Cetra Video
  • Year:



Anthony Steel
Valeria Fabrizi
Mario Carotenuto
Laura Solari
Oliviero Prunas
Tiberio Murgia
Giuseppe Porelli
Paola Patrizi
Rosalba Neri
Annie Gorassini
Gabriella Conti
Vittorio Congia
Walter Isnenghi
Mauro Neroni
Aroldo Tieri
Peppino Di Capri
Nico Fidenco
Colin Hicks
I Brutos
Giuliano Giunti
Maria Luisa Rispoli


This plot seems to describe a story of two disgraced gentlemen who try to improve their financial situation by organising a seaside holiday for their children, with the intention of fostering advantageous marriages for them. The children of the two ex-rich men already know each other, and the fathers, believing they have found the ideal match, encourage friendship between the youngsters.

However, the boys' friendship soon turns into a deep and sincere love. When the fathers decide to break off the engagement in light of each other's precarious financial situations, the young men refuse to obey their decisions. In the end, fortune smiles on them when they win a considerable sum in the lottery, solving all their financial problems and allowing them to marry happily.

Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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