Appuntamento col disonore

  • Director:

    Adriano Bolzoni
  • Screenplay:

    Adriano Bolzoni, Günther Heller e Borislav Mihajlovic-Mihiz
  • Music:

    Gianni Ferrio
  • Year:



Michael Craig
Eva Renzi:
Adolfo Celi
Klaus Kinski
George Sanders
Margaret Lee
Ennio Balbo
Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Giuseppe Addobbati
Mario Novelli
Luciano Pigozzi
Alessandro Momo
Rista Djordjevic
John Stacy
Silvia Faver
Rachael Griffiths


In 1956, during the civil war in Cyprus, an island divided between the Greek and Turkish communities, a British officer is sent on a mission to try to keep the peace and prevent further escalation of violence between the two warring communities.

The British officer finds himself in a difficult situation as he must try to mediate between the opposing factions and prevent further clashes. He must work to re-establish a climate of calm and cooperation between the two communities, despite the tensions and hostilities that exist between them.

His mission is to ensure security and stability on the island, but he faces complex challenges as he tries to convince the leaders of rival factions to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict.

The civil war in Cyprus is a complex and delicate conflict, and the British officer must work hard to try to prevent further loss of life and damage to the island. His mission is to keep the peace and try to bring the two communities to a negotiated settlement.

Locandine & foto riprese

Gianni Ferrio or 'the inevitability of making music'

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